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LOCK OUTS: We can professionally unlock the door to your house when you are locked out. This is usually done by picking the lock or hand filing a key to open the door. Once unlocked, the lock will not be damaged and your existing key will still work as it did before.

LOST KEYS: If you lose all the keys to your house, we can recreate the key you had before it was lost or rekey your locks to a completely new key. 

REKEY LOCKS: Rekeying your locks is where we simply make changes to your existing locks so the old key will not operate the locks. We make the locks work with a completely new key and create as many copies as you any. It is not necessary to replace your locks with new ones as long as they still function properly. Anytime someone moves into a new house, apartment, or condo, it is recommended for your safety that the locks be rekeyed since there is no way to know how many of the old keys may still be “floating around”.

DEADBOLTS INSTALLED: Deadbolts are recommended on all exterior doors to your house. We can professionally install new deadbolts and we can even key the new deadbolts to match your other existing locks. 


NEW DOOR LOCKS: We can replace existing old or malfunctioning locks. We stock common door knobs and deadbolts in a variety of finishes on our service vehicles for your convenience. .

LOCK REPAIRS: If a‏ lock can be repaired instead of replaced, we will make the necessary repairs. 


LOCK OUTS: We can professionally unlock your car when the keys are locked inside. We can do this efficiently and without damage to your vehicle. Call for price.

LOST KEYS: If you lose the keys to your car, we can create replacement keys for nearly any car on the road. If you are a member of AAA, you have locksmith coverage as part of your membership. As the independent contract station for AAA in Marin County, we can bill AAA directly for the covered portion of this service.


BROKEN KEYS: If your car keys gets broken or damaged, we can create replacement keys for you. If your key breaks off in a lock on your car, we can extract the broken portion and get you back on the road.

KEYS LOCKED IN TRUNK: If your keys get locked in the trunk of your car, we can efficiently open the trunk without damage to your car. Call for price.

TRANSPONDER (CHIP) KEYS: The keys for many newer cars have a microchip (transponder) in the head of the key which is required in order for the car computer to allow the car to start. The transponder is not the same thing as the “keyless remote” which allows you to remotely lock and unlock your car. We are equipped the special key blanks and the necessary programming equipment to create replacement transponder keys for many of the cars on the road today. 

LOCK REPAIR: We can repair or replace ignition locks on many cars. Please call for more information regarding your particular vehicle. Call for price.


LOCK OUTS: We can professionally unlock your commercial office door if you have locked yourself out. 

REKEY LOCKS: We can rekey locks for a single office or an entire office building. We can establish a master key system if you choose or provide a restricted key system if you need secure key control.

KEY CONTROL SYSTEM: We are Schlage Primus provider and can establish an effective key control system for your business

NEW DOOR HARDWARE: We can replace existing old or malfunctioning door hardware or install new hardware to meet your needs.

LOCK REPAIRS: We can repair or replace as necessary your commercial door hardware including panic hardware and door closers.


MASTER LOCK SYSTEM: Providing master keys for your multiple unit facility makes it easier for your security department to gain access to any lock on your facility which increases the efficiency of your employees.

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