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​​Would you call a dishonest locksmith to help you out of a jam at your home, your car, or your business?


You wouldn't!
But unfortunately, some mobile locksmiths are counting on you to call the first locksmith you can find that seems to be from your hometown. 


They pay extra to have their ad appear at the top of the list in the phone directory or on the Internet and they use names and addresses that are similar to those of other locksmiths. 


They often use fake addresses, a mailbox at a copy store or a residence, or even just a crossroads in your town. 


They let you assume that they are located there, but their mobile service may be dispatched from anywhere in the United States or even from another country. 

You have no way to know.


Do you want to be sure that the locksmith you are calling is local, licensed, and will stand behind their work? Of course you do!


Take these steps now, so that when you dial the phone whether it is an emergency or not, you will be able to find an honest licensed locksmith you can trust.


* When you check them out, get their locksmith business license number and make sure they also have a local business license to work in the city where they are located. If they advertise that they are a "local licensed locksmith," be sure that is true.


* If you want to call a mobile service, choose one that lists an active locksmith license in advertisements and answers the telephone
with the same business name as in their ad. If you call an ad that says "24-7 Locksmith of Marysville" and they answer the phone "Fred &
Larry's Speedy Service" be careful to find out their actual locksmith business license name so you can see if they are really who they claim
to be.


* Call the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (916) 322-4000 to find out whether their locksmith license is up to date and where the company is headquartered. Branch offices must be registered as well. Be sure your locksmith is a legitimately licensed one. This information is also available on BSIS's website, go to and you can check the database by business name or the city.


* When the locksmith arrives to do the work expect to show your ID, but also see the locksmith's ID and write down the license number, which should be on the Estimate and Invoice for the work.

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