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Family Owned & Operated


Mobile Locksmith Company Serving The North 



We offer a variety of services to our residential customers to help keep their homes and families safe and secure. Our residential locksmith services include installation of new locks, replacement keys, and updating existing hardware.

We offer a variety of services to commercial customers to help keep their business secure and ensure that merchandise is protected from theft. Our commercial locksmith services include break-in repair, electronic locks, business/office lockout and more.

We can professionally unlock your car when the keys are locked inside.

We can create replacement keys, remake lost keys, and create chip keys for most cars.


We know how frustrating it is being locked out of your home or car. Our emergency lockout service is here to assist you in Marin County and surrounding areas.


Rekeying your locks is where we simply make changes to your existing locks so the old key will not operate the locks.

This is great for new homeowners!


If a‏ lock can be repaired instead of replaced, we will make the necessary repairs. We can repair locks with broken off keys, stuck deadbolts, turning cylinders, misaligned latches and more.



EconoLock Locksmith specializes in lock installation for our customers in Marin County, and surrounding areas.

Have an old lock that needs to be replaced or just want to increase the security of your home or business?

Give us a call today.

EconoLock is a AAA Approved Locksmith for Marin County!

Savings for AAA members: 

Based on your member level, AAA will reimburse you $50, $100 or $150 based on your member level.  We'll provide necessary AAA form to assist you.


*Please note that AAA member discounts only apply to automotive locksmith services.

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